Providing Value Through Consolidation

Through the continued growth of our product distribution offerings, we are saving our customers both time and money. Our customers now understand the Powerful Value of Supply Side Consolidation for their businesses.

Textiles and Janitorial

Providing redistribution of quality home and commercial textiles for retail, hospitality, correctional, food service companies and healthcare markets. We have a wide range of bedding, bath, clothing, footwear, sanitary/hygiene items, and kitchen textile products available, as well as after-market rags of all varieties.


Providing redistribution of a wide variety of packaging materials. We are able to provide you with a comprehensive packaging solutions program and optimize savings in each packaging category.

Material Handling Equipment

Providing sales and service for packaging equipment that meets any cap-ex budget.

Inquire about how you can get pallet stretch wrap equipment free!

Paper and Plastics (for Food Service)

Providing redistribution of paper and plastics for institutional and retail use.

We offer “green” eco-friendly paper and cleaning chemicals.

Business & Educational Supplies

For all of your supply needs such as sharpie markers, copy paper, tape, staplers, printer/toner cartridges, etc.

We can also provide pre-printed business forms including Invoices and Bills of Lading, as well as custom labels of many varieties.

Providing Value Through Consolidation

Our value comes from the ability to provide your company with a SINGLE SOURCE DISTRIBUTOR for all of your supply needs, saving you time and money.

We are constantly adding new products to our distribution line, and with the numerous resources within our network, we can provide what you need at your request.

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