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Logistics, Textiles, Packaging, Janitorial Distributor


About Us

Company Overview:

Net PAC International began as a customer-driven warehouse solution for quality importers.  Today, we continue to provide quality warehousing, drayage services, and order fulfillment.  We customize our warehousing and logistics service offerings to meet the needs of every customer.

As our business grew and our customers began to request more services, we added physical distribution of many of our customers goods to what we do.

As a result, Net PAC International now serves as a broad line distributor of textiles, packaging, janitorial, safety, material handling equipment, and office products. We offer our customers a single source supplier solution for operating supplies which ultimately:

  • Reduces transactional and freight costs

  • Supports J-I-T raw material & supply needs, and

  • Minimizes inventory carrying costs.

Our Value Proposition

Today's market conditions demand that all businesses develop strategic supply chain partners that will allow them to cut costs while at the same time enable them to thrive in an era of complex, multi-party relationships. This is where we add value to your business.

We ease the burden on your purchasing team (fewer orders to place, fewer relationships to manage, fewer receipts to track, etc.)

Client Satisfaction

Net PAC has amassed a majority of our customers because of the reputation of quality service we provide and our relationship-management. From our Fortune 500 (top 100 list) customers to our public and small privately owned customers, EVERY customer is important to us!

Our competitive edge comes from:

  • A lean operating model

  • Our teams’ commitment to our customer and supplier partnerships, and

  • Our flexibility.


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